Óleo de Argan Inoar Professional 60ml

Óleo de Argan Inoar Professional 60ml

Price: ¥2,200
Product Code: 5-85
Moroccan Gold-Plated Hair Argan Oil Inoar is suitable for all hair types and has active properties known worldwide. It is extracted from the fruit of Argan tree in Morocco. Its formula rich in antioxidants and vitamins, promotes shine, reduction of frizz and deep hydration, protecting the threads from external aggressions. For magnificent and hydrated hair. Its versatility allows associating its benefits with a wide range of hair treatments, providing results of the highest quality.
Indication: All hair types Main active ingredients: Argan oil
This product can be used in three different ways: As a finisher: - After the hairstyle, apply 2 to 5 drops in the hands and scatter the hair to give it a shine. For hydration: - Apply a few drops of Argan Oil with the Inoar Argan Treatment Mask during the capillary hydration process. The product can also be added in coloring, bleaching and straightening. For activated action: - Spread 2 to 5 drops on semi-moist hair, brush and board, so you can accelerate the brushing process.
As a result, the Inoar argan oil promotes hydration and shine to the hair protecting it from dryings and external aggressions.
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