Maionese Capilar Salon Line Meu Liso Amido De Milho 500g

Maionese Capilar Salon Line Meu Liso Amido De Milho 500g

Price: ¥3,200
Brand: Salonline
Product Code: 5-361
Product description :
The MY FLAT line was created especially to meet the straight, whether they are natural, straight or relaxed hair.
For those who want hair with an extremely smooth, healthy, volume-free effect and a little chemistry *, the Very + Smooth Line is ideal! Very + Smooth Mayonnaise is essential for an ultra deep, effective and fast nourishing treatment.
With clean and damp hair, apply Very + Straight Capillary Mayonnaise strand by strand, massaging the tips of the root.Let act 20 minutes. Rinse well. For an extremely smooth effect, apply Very + Smooth Thermal Sealant. Can be used with daily. To maximize the result, use the full Very + Smooth line. Tip: For very straight and thin hair, we indicate product action for 10 minutes.
How to Use: So let's rock migs! With the hair
clean and moist, apply the Mask
Mayonnaise Capillary # Very + Smooth strand
by strand, gently massaging the
sense from root to tip. Let it act
20 minutes. Rinse. To ensure the effect
dream smooth, apply Sealant Defrizante
Thermal # Very + Smooth and finish with a
brush and / or a board! To align at once,
use the line My Smooth # Very + Smooth full.
Hair Curl: 1ABC
Product Indication: Smooth
Product Type (OLD): Moisturizing Mask
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