Bepantol derma liquid

Bepantol derma liquid

Price: ¥2,800
Product Code: 4-64
1) EYEBROWS: Strengthens the hair and accelerates the growth helping fault correction. Use 2 times a day.

2) LASHES: Hydrates and prevents breakage or their fall and also moisturizes. Use 2 times a day. Pass the liquid solution with a cotton swab or mix 2 drops in mascara.

3) NAILS: Strengthens weak nails, just drip a few drops on the basis that you use.

4) FACE: Leaves lush, healthy skin and a few lines of expression may also decrease. Add a capful of Bepantol in face creams (day and night). But they say it is not suitable for oily skin .. BUT, my skin is oily and I Bepantol use (ointment) and helps a lot to dry possible rs pimples (subject for another post) !!! =)


5) HAIR: Helps moisturize your hair as it has regenerating power. Strengthens the root and the hair strands. Improves symptoms of inflammation of the scalp. Reduces itching. Stimulates pigmentation (which may be of interest to slow down the appearance of white hair).

Recipe Hydration with Bepantol:

5ml of liquid Bepantol

1 tablespoons of sugar (brown or preferably crystal)

2 tablespoons cream treatment for your hair type

In a bowl, combine the ingredients and apply to have clean and wet hair. Massage and leave it for 30 minutes. Then just rinse !!

6) OTHER benefits:

- LIGHTEN SPOTS: Bepantol + Hipoglós = Mix Hipoglós with a Bepantol cover, apply on face and leave it for 30 minutes. This mask is to be used 3 times per week. In addition to clearing the stains, it moisturizes, diminishes dark circles and also reduces pimples.

- UNDERARMS: say it can be used to lighten the armpit that is dark because of the razor or wax.
Girls, some results appear super fast, like dryness of the lips, others will be perceived if used continuously, ok!
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