Portier Bt.o.x Ciclos Volume Control Alinhamento - 250g

Portier Bt.o.x Ciclos Volume Control Alinhamento - 250g

Price: ¥3,500
Product Code: 3-347
The 250g Portier Moisturizing Reconstructing Mask promotes an intense hydration of the threads because it transports proteins to the fissures of the cuticles that prevent the loss of mass of the threads. In this way, the wires return to have brightness, softness and reduced volume.
The Portier Cycles Moisturizing Mask is enriched with polyphenols and organic acids that condition and realign the cuticular structure, controlling the volume and frizz of the threads, improving capillary cohesion and preserving the integrity of the hair structure. Due to the water retention on the threads, it develops the moisture lost in the physical and chemical processes, conferring naturally disciplined and loose hair, associated with natural resins that promote the capillary realignment and sealing.
Volume reduction and treatment for damaged and frizz hair.
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